Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wedding Diary Asia - Update

During the Wedding Diary Asia exhibition, we met a few loving moms who'd like to order our bridal shoes for their daughters who were currently based abroad. A very touching gesture to me.

This is the kind of bonding that is unique to mother-daughter relationship. We knew each others' sizes, tastes and styles and some of us may even share our wardrobe of shoes and clothes. But the moms will probably be more familiar with the daughters' than vice versa.

I may also do the same for my lil' darling when she get married. But that will be many many years down the road. :)

On a serperate note, our official Sinderella website is ready! You're most welcome to visit us at Our new bling bling gang of Chloe, Vanessa, Tiffani, Hannah etc., which is a hit at the exhibition, has yet to be made their appearance online. Please bear with us for a while ok? We need time to sort out the available stock and sizes after the exhibition.

In the mean time, you can purchase items from either here or the webby. Feel free to email us at for any enquiries.