Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Wedding Shoes

How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Wedding Shoes

There are a few factors to take note when choosing a pair of wedding shoes. Your partner and your height, the style and colour of your wedding gown, length of your gown and how comfortable you are wearing heels.
Heels, how high?

Higher heels will make your legs look more slender and toned (keeping your calves flexed), and they'll also ensure better posture.

Shorter brides are always tempted to go for higher heels to give them height. However if you do not wear high heels regularly, you may end up with sore feet and ruin your special day. Remember the shoes will need to be comfortable enough to be worn for the whole day.

Alternatively, it would be a good idea to start training walking with high heels before your big day.

If you have a long wedding dress, you can consider wedge platform style shoes, since the shoes will be concealed under the long dress.

Ultimately, you should consider heel height which you are comfortable with.

Bridal Shoes Colour

The traditional colour for wedding is ivory and white so the obvious choice is to choose the shoe colour that matches your gown. Silver is an easy colour to match so most brides would choose silver shoes as it complements their evening gown too

Lately there is a growing trend of brides becoming more adventurous and going for bolder colours like gold, rose red and apple green just to add their own unique flavour and really stand out on their big day. Bolder colours can be worn to match the wedding theme or bring out the subtle colour on the gown.

If possible bring a along fabric swatches of your gown. If you need to take a photo, be sure to take it under white or natural lights. Most bridal studio have yellow spot lights and any colour under yellow light will turn out to be misleading.

Type of gown

If your gown has elaborate details such as embroidery or beading, go for simple looking bridal shoes. The focus should be on your gown and you do not want the bridal shoes to take away that focus.

If you have a simple dress, more fancy looking shoes can really enhance and give the overall elegant look. Bridal shoes can be ornamented with embellishments such as crystals, rhinestone, bows, beading, and embroidery

Covered or open-toe
Covered wedding shoes give a more formal look and would be more suitable for church ceremonies or a grand wedding dinner.

Open toe wedding shoes are good for brides who want to show off their pedicure which is the rage nowadays. Open toe wedding shoes would be more suitable for hot tropical country like Singapore, especially for outdoor or garden weddings.

For those who are undecided, go for peep-toe shoes. You get the best of both worlds.

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