Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have half size?
Ans: No

Q: Do you do customisation?
Ans: We do semi-customisation, meaning we have fitting shoes for you to try your sizing. You can change the heels and colours based on our existing designs. We do not do measure-to-fit customisation.

Q: What is the smallest/biggest size that you can customise?
Ans: US Size 2 to 12

Q:What is the highest heels you can customise?
Ans: 5.5" with about 2" platform

Q:Do you customise flat heels?
Ans: Yes, we can customise to 0.5" heels.

Q: What is the price for customised shoes
Ans: As a guide, customisation will be $60 in addition to our off the rack shoes.

Q: How long does it take to customise my shoes?
Ans: Lead time is about 3-4weeks.

Q: I need the shoes in 2 weeks time, can you make it?
Ans: Yes, we have express service but there will be additional charge of $60.

Q: I need the shoes in 1 week time, can you make it?
Ans: No.

Q: My left feet is bigger than the right feet, can you make sure the shoes fit exactly on my feet?
Ans: We do not customise to fit. That is a different level of service. We do semi customisation mainly on the change in colour, heels height and slight adjustments to the vamp.

Q: Which designs do you recommend for low-heels shoes?
Ans: Peep toe shoes (eg. Elvia, Virginia etc.) will be a better choice for low heels. Shoes that have detachable shoe straps (eg. Caprina, Chloe, Ashley etc.) or crystals across the upper part of feet (eg. Emerald, Keira etc.) may not look as good.

Q: Can I change the accessory and ribbon on the shoes?
Ans: Yes.

Q: What if the crystals dropped?
Ans: This hardly happens but if it does, We will replace the crystals for you free-of-charge.

Q: I have a design in mind, can you customise the same design that I want?
Ans: We do not do design from scratch, but you can email a picture of your design to We will review and let you know if the design can be done.

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