Saturday, January 5, 2013

7Arandanos Wedding Photography

Wedding checklist. Wedding shoes, wedding gown, wedding ring and yes, Wedding photography is an essential part in a wedding.

Stolen glances, a single tear, unnoticed, fleeting intimate looks and heartfelt smiles – these are the touching and spontaneous moments which makes each celebration truly belong to each individual couple.

If you are shopping around for a wedding photographer, check out 7Arandanos Wedding Photography.

7Arandanos (erand-da-nosh) is a Singapore based wedding photography company specialising in capturing raw emotions and real moments.

7Arandanos offers pre-wedding and actual wedding day services in Singapore, Melbourne and wherever memories are made. They are an active member of the WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION WPJA and The ARTISTIC GUILD of the WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION AG|WPJA.

Our joint promotion with 7Arandannos Wedding Photography. We have always admire their photos. Check out their website at

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