Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Shoe Trivia - Part 2: 'SHOwErs' of blessings

In Anglo Saxon times, the groom would symbolically tap the bride's forehead with the heel of the bride's shoe to show his authority over her. The brides tossed one of her shoes rather than bouquets to bridesmaids who hoped to be the next to marry.

According to an alternative Turkish wedding culture, all the bride's single girlfriends will sign the soles of her wedding shoes. It is said that the person whose name fades the most after the shoes have made their way down the aisle and seen their time on the dance floor will be the next to get married.

During Tudor times, guests would throw shoes at the newlywed couple. O-U-C-H! If they or their carriage were hit, it meant good luck was bestowed upon them!The tradition of tying shoes to the back of the couple's car. Now, thankfully, folks just tie shoes to the new couple's car.

Aren't we glad that some customs evolved with time. :)

Less well known is for the bride's father to give the groom a pair of the bride's shoes to symbolise the passing of responsibility for the daughter to her new husband.