Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wedding Diary Asia - Update

During the Wedding Diary Asia exhibition, we met a few loving moms who'd like to order our bridal shoes for their daughters who were currently based abroad. A very touching gesture to me.

This is the kind of bonding that is unique to mother-daughter relationship. We knew each others' sizes, tastes and styles and some of us may even share our wardrobe of shoes and clothes. But the moms will probably be more familiar with the daughters' than vice versa.

I may also do the same for my lil' darling when she get married. But that will be many many years down the road. :)

On a serperate note, our official Sinderella website is ready! You're most welcome to visit us at Our new bling bling gang of Chloe, Vanessa, Tiffani, Hannah etc., which is a hit at the exhibition, has yet to be made their appearance online. Please bear with us for a while ok? We need time to sort out the available stock and sizes after the exhibition.

In the mean time, you can purchase items from either here or the webby. Feel free to email us at for any enquiries.


Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wedding Diary Asia - Reporting Live from Suntec!

Reporting live from Suntec Conention Centre, Exhibition Hall 404 Booth 606!

Catch our shoes during the Bridal Couture Designer's Showcase tomorrow and on Sunday. Our shoes will be featured with bridal gowns from Anaarkali & Kuchh, Lucy P, Martini G, Feline Bridal and B2B Fashion, from 3-5pm.

Just to share with you some of the most popular designs with the gown designers, they are Belle, Lisa, Chloe and Stella (Chloe and Stella are our new designs that are not available online yet).

Enjoy 10% off all our products during the Fair (till Sunday). See you!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wine-bottle Label

Isn't this lovely?

The best part is it can double up as a table no. display in a wedding banquet.

Darcy Miller, the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, shows us how to make wine-bottle labels, a very popular trend in weddings.

Tools and Materials
1.Design and print wine bottle label (approximately 2 3/4" wide by 5 3/4" high)
2.Remove label of wine bottle; soak in warm water, scrape with razor blade, and clean up with Goo Gone.
3.Print template on heavyweight paper.
4.Cut out on the outside of the black line.
5.Run through Xyron machine with permanent adhesive cartridge and stick to bottle or use double-sided tape and attach to bottle.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wedding Diary Asia

We'll be participating in The Wedding Diary Asia Exhibition, Suntec Convention. At the same time, we'll be launching our new range of gorgeous bridal shoes (more bling bling designs, as requested).

Date: 27-29 March 2009, 10.30am-9pm
Venue: Suntec Exhbition Hall 404
Booth: 606

If you wish to arrange for a fitting session at the exhibition, do let us know in advance the date/time as well as the preferred design and size so that we can reserve it for you.

Oh yes, we'll be offering some discount off the shoes and bags purchased during the exhibition.

Make a date with us, see you there! :)

p/s: pl note that we can only accept Cash during the Fair.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

White wedding: Choosing the right shade of white

White is the traditional color of bridal dress in both western (European) and Japanese weddings. The ancient Greek started the tradition of white at wedding, which they saw as the bridal symbol of joy and celebration (1). In Japan, the bride wears a pure white kimono known as shiromuku which symbolizes purity as well as a new beginning as the bride is reborn a member of her husband's family (2).
Anne of Brittany wore a white wedding dress or her marriage to Louis XII of France in 1499. But up until the late 19th century, brides wore just about any color for their wedding gown (3).

In 1840, Queen Victoria wore white for her wedding to Prince Albert and started the fashion for wearing white.

Today, a white wedding gown is a MUST have for all weddings. But there are more than 200 shades of white around. How do do pick the right shade of white? Here're some suggestions to help you choose one that complements your skin tone:

For your gown

If you're fair-skinned, look for ivory shades containing yellow undertones.
If you have a pinker complexion, choose creamy undertones.
If you have olive, yellow-based, or dark skin, select champagne or off-white shades.

For your bridal shoes

Ivory dresses tend to go well with gold shades and ivory shoes. You can consider Champagne Belle, Ivory Sophie, Yvette and Jodie.

Truer whites work better with silver tones and of course the white shades. Match it with Silver Belle, White Sophie, Yvette, Jodie and Elsie.



1. Colors for Your Every Mood By Leatrice Eiseman, Robert Hickey