Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Testimonial from Cally Chen - (customised 2 inch "Alison" bridal shoes)

Testimonial from Cally Chen - (customised 2 inch "Alison") email dated 7 Jan 2012

No doubt there are some frustration that I had as a bride, you gave me your patience and understanding for the selection of my heels as my husband is not very tall.

Your confidence level ensured me that I will be a happy bride and indeed, I am very happy on that day.

Thank you for the efforts given.

Testimonial from Ms Jasmine from Singapore

From Ms Jasmine, Owner of Ivory Virginia (customised 3.5 inch heels) with Platform.

Thank you so much for coming down, and also for the kind gesture. I really appreciate it :-) the shoes will definitely look perfect in our wedding video :-) will mail it to u for sure!